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Warmup Packages

Get your cheerleading warmup packages all in one and save even more money!

Campus Teamwear double knit warmups packages are available through our Sales Office. To Order Please Call:


ChassÉ® & ZOE Double Knit WarmUp Packages

  • W963S
  • 1 VIP Jacket (W963J)
  • 1 VIP Warmup Pant W963P)
  • $5250
  • 12 set minimum
  • W945S
  • 1 Absolute Warmup Jacket (W945J)
  • 1 Warmup Pant (W939P)
  • $4925
  • 12 set minimum

ChassÉ® Double knit WarmUp Packages

  • PDW06
  • 1 X Warmup Jacket (509DWJ)
  • 1 Warmup Pant (506DWP)
  • $6375
  • 12 set minimum
  • PDW02
  • 1 V Warmup Jacket (505DWJ)
  • 1 Warmup Pant (506DWP)
  • $6325
  • 12 set minimum

ChassÉ® Metallic WarmUp Packages

  • PDW03
  • 1 Crossover Jacket (510DWJ)
  • 1 Warmup Pant (506DWP)
  • $6600
  • 12 set minimum
  • PDW14
  • 1 Metallic Impact Jacket (514DWJ)
  • 1 Warmup Pant (506DWP)
  • $7000
  • 12 set minimum

Minimum order of 12 for all warmup packages. All items sold as blank.

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